One (1) PDF file of ten (10) images exemplifying your work. We welcome any well-printed visual mode, in black and white or color, including illustration, painting, digital works, collage, photography, and film stills. If it's visual, you can submit it.

We work with artists in one of two ways: to showcase one's works as a folio spread in an issue of Storyfile, or by pairing one's artworks with a writer's words. If paired with a written piece, a conversation between you (as the artist), us (as the editors), and them (as the writer) will be conducted to discuss the artwork in tandem with the words.

Please cite if any of the pieces have been published elsewhere (online, in print, on a blog, etc) in its/their current, or different, format.

We allow simultaneous submissions but ask that you notify us of consenting to publish elsewhere if offered. It will not defect our consideration of your work for Storyfile.